Everything stands still
Your carefully selected fly has landed in the perfect spot, right in front of the fish. A flash of white, the hair on the back of your neck stands on end, and suddenly the line pulls tight. This exact moment of the take is what makes fly fishing so special. Whether you’re targeting tiny brown trout in a small stream in the mountains, giant salmon on a wide and fast river, or chasing solid silver sea trout along the coast of the Baltic Sea – the magical moment of the take is what all fly anglers live for. And it is also exactly this indescribable feeling that drives the passionate team at Scierra to create products that will help make your fly fishing adventures more comfortable, enjoyable and successful. Scierra is created in Scandinavia but delivers results for fly fishers all around the world.  

The team​ 
The team at Scierra applies expert knowledge and extensive fly fishing experience to every single product it develops. From rods with meticulously developed actions designed to amplify the human input you give them, to waders featuring incredible four-way stretch abrasion resistant material that can take any kind of beating you throw at them – we do not compromise.

Not only are all Scierra products created with smart and innovative solutions to fly fishing problems, but they are also extensively tested – sometimes to the extreme. Scierra doesn’t release a rod unless it has had a certain number of human hours testing it in all conditions, and our waders have been punished in ways most anglers would never dream of before we are happy to release them. And that obsession with perfection doesn’t only apply to the big-ticket items – even simple accessories like wading staffs, pin-on retractors, floatant, clippers, sunglasses, luggage and clothing are all created with the aim of making taking the worries out of fly fishing, so you can concentrate on enjoying the moment of that all-important take time after time. 

Part of a big family of angling brands
Svendsen Sport A/S is a leading European supplier of Sports Fishing Tackle. With headquarter close to Copenhagen in Denmark we innovate, develop, market and sell products to a large number of countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Americas through own sales companies and agents. Our most popular brands are Savage Gear, DAM, Prologic, Quick, Okuma, Scierra, Water Wolf, IMAX, Ron Thompsom, MadCat, Effzett. We are more than 180 employees with a sales exceeding 400 million DKK.

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