The Sweet Revenge


"In my last report, I mentioned loosing 70+ cm fish that broke off my 0,18mm tippet.

I went back to Vitunjcica river today seven days later only to find a lot tougher conditions. Clearer water, a lot colder weather with no insect activity completely shut down the dry fly bite and overcast skies turned the water surface into a mirror and seeing fish was almost impossible.

007.JPGI went back to my big fish hole, but this time tied heavier 0,21 mm tippet on a large nymph with a strong hook and on my first drift connected with the great fish again.

The fight was brutal in the strong current, but my Scierra Brook #6 9" rod did perfectly, and I managed to get this "salmon like" male in the net.

The fish was massive and I knew it was the same fish that broke off last week right away, but when I noticed the nymph I used seven days ago in the corner of its deformed mouth there was no doubt - How cool is that!

The fish went back with no steel carbon inside its mouth and I felt redeemed!"

-Dalien Vignjevic


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