Super stealth approach saves the Gacka day

After running out of Scierra facebook content,  it was time to make a new fly fishing trip to Gacka river and seems like we did`t quite hit the right day actually. The fish were inactive and with ovecast skies it was not easy to spot them either. We tried several presentations, but none really worked including small stremers which usually produce throughout the year.

 Ironically, throughout the day I could see some   feeding fish near/on surface time to time, but  could not get a take until I realised it was time for super stealth approach with a dry fly.

 Two things were important, first  - I started getting bites only when I went to the new 0,105mm Scierra Nylon tippet. This product is very good, strong and reliable,  some anglers including myself go even with  0,08mm in some aplications.

The other thing was the presentation of the fly. You had to pull and straighten it up after the cast so the dryfly goes downstream before the tippet.

Scierra Surge 11`3 #3 AGAIN proved as a winner is absolute favorite rod at the moment. It allowed me to use extremely long 5-6 meter leaders which was important not to spook the fish. Also #3 line did not make a lot of splash on the water. So long leader and light lines were also important for those finicky fish.  I also used Traxion 1 2Four reel which is super smooth and lightweight, the line does not cut into it - I love it!

For some reason Gacka rainbows were super sensitive that day and we havet seen the brown trout either. I think it will only get tougher as the year goes on, but hope  lightweight approach will constantly bring some fish in front of lens. We will see, I`m also excited to try  #2 Brook...I`m  curios to see what size of fish can be pulled out thru that thick Gacka grass with 0,105 mm tippet and #2 rod and line.

Tight lines guys!

Best, Dalien


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