Prolonged Casting

Myths: They are all around us. One of them describes shooting heads. Why on earth are so many of us so scared of the slightly longer shooting heads? I’m not talking about competition heads for spey casting (which could be up to 30 meters long), neither about arch British traditional spey lines with heads between ca. 15 and 25 meters, but about the Scandinavian style shooting heads that are just a little longer than the famous “safe” average.

How long is an average Scandinavian shooting head? Somewhere between 10,5 and 11,5 meters, approximately? I’m too lazy to go looking for the exact number, but, in this case, it doesn’t matter. My point is: If we increase the head lengths of Scandinavian style shooting heads to 13-14 meters and design them for optimal balance and taper them as smoothly as possible, I think a lot of salmon fishers will be surprised at how easy they are to cast and fish. If most of your salmon fishing takes part in small, narrow rivers or if you always find yourself fishing with nasty trees and bushes behind your back, you must, of course, choose one of the shorter shooting heads, but even there, heads like this would work surprisingly well, and when we’re talking about the slightly bigger rivers where you have plenty of space to land a D-loop cast, these longer shooting heads will really give you your money’s worth:

  • A slightly longer shooting head will help you cast longer (if you are able to handle it, of course)
  • Precise presentations will be simpler with a slightly longer head (I’m talking about geographical landing precision, not dry fly presentations).
  • You will increase the effective and controlled range of your fly fishing and even though not all fish are situated near the opposite bank, there are enough of the ones lying just outside your previous range. Now’s your chance.
  • If a slightly longer shooting head is perfectly balances, it’s much easier to cast than most fly fishers think.
  • Sometimes it’s hilarious to just forget about fishing and concentrate on stretching your casting abilities to the absolute maximum. Even for me this only happens when the fishing is extremely slow and only where my craziness won’t affect anyone but myself.

It might not come as a surprise that we (Knut Ekelund and me) have developed a series of slightly longer shooting heads. We have named it “Scierra Prolonged” and have focused on optimal balance, close to perfect weight distribution and really smooth tapers. When we presented some innocent “victims” with a setup including a Prolonged shooting head, most of them estimated the line to be between 11 and 12 meters, while the factual length was 13,5 meters. They were initially surprised about how long they were casting with such “short” lines and very surprises to learn the factual length. We hope to surprise you as well. Prolonged lines for Prolonged casts. Soon in a shop near you!


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