Gacka River - We love it !

Hi guys,

A few days ago I went with my buddy Luka Simunjak  for another Gacka river trip...

The water level was high and  rising over the course of day, so the fishing was tough, a lot tougher than we expected!

Still we managed to catch several nice rainbows, but no 50+ cm brownies Gacka is famous for. Small stremers fished deep was the ticked most of time, but for me as a bass fisheman in heart I knew i could get some fish to react if I presented my streamer really fast. So I started double hand fast retrieve and managed to get at least one small, but pretty brownie.

Luka on the other hand had a nice flurry of rainbows in the morning with one of them being hefty. He also did some very spectacular shots!

 At the end of day I saw one active fish and got her to strike my gurgler on the surface several times, but after finally hooking the fish it came off really photo, but really nice strikes I should remember for a while...

We used small streamers fished on Surge #5 and Brook #6 rods, with Salis shooting head and sinking tippets or completely sinking lines.
 I also used #3 11,3 ft Surge to get double holer above the grass - don`t ask but I used streamer and sinking line on it and it handled that very well actually, so it`s fair to say it was put to test- and passed with an A :)


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