Gacka river opening

Hi guys, finally the trout season kicked off here.

I went to fish the famous Gacka river on the opening day and had a great time fishing mostly for rainbows
The water was a bit high, so usually this time of year small streamers on sinking tippets work best, but I decided to go against the grain - very wrong!

 At first I tried  French nymphing with awesome Surge #3 11-3 ft, but after three hours of watching my friends catch rainbows one after another with a few gorgeus brown trout mixed in, it finally  became clear that nymphs were not the ticket that day, and my French nymphing as brave experiment that failed. I only managed to catch one fish.


I switched to Surge #5 rod 9` and Salis shooting head to get the streamer across the river fast and maximise my fishing time.

I got more than 15 rainbows quick, but sought after brown trout some of my my buddies caught eluded me this time. I have to go back and try to land one!


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