From idea to revolutionary product – Scierra X-Stretch

When the flyfishing brand Scierra, owned by Svendsen Sport, decided to pursue their idea of making a stretchable waders, the idea was first met with concern by many, but that did not stop it from becoming real. Many years ago, the idea of making a waterproof breathable wader was almost an impossible task. It requires a lot of testing and new manufacturing techniques to be developed. Now, the breathable wader is the most popular model for serious anglers.


The next step sounds even more impossible. Making a 4-way stretch wader is not an easy task. There are a whole bunch of problems that have to be taking into account. A flexible material will give a problem on the fixed points when stitching the material together. Scierra solved this problem by applying a very high quality tape to the inside of the stitches. The process and exact method used, Scierra cannot tell and therefore remains a business secret. Then there was also the problem of attaching the stretch to the neoprene foot. The sudden overlap from a light stretch material to thicker and stiffer neoprene proved to be a challenge. It is no secret that Scierra did not solve it one the first try. It took a long process of testing before reaching the result we see today. And the result is magnificent. They managed to produce a wader, which is more comfortable then ever before. To ensure a high quality of every single batch being sent out Scierra had to change their testing methods. Usually when a breathable wader is being tested it is filling with air and then lowered into a tank of water. Here it will stay for approximately 15 sec.


This technique works well for most waders, but to ensure a high quality for the X-stretch every 20th wader is turned inside out and filled with water until the chest. The wader will then hang for 20 min before getting checked for leakage. It can take several minutes before water presses through the tape or fabric on a defect wader. By conducting this test the slightest leak will be noticed and the defect wader will be discarded. This is an extreme test that will test every joint of the product. If there are any leakages, the waders of that batch will all be further tested to ensure the highest standard possible.


To put it to the ultimate test, Scierra shipped out samples to Sweden, Denmark and Iceland in order to make the anglers from the most demanding conditions give their feedback on the X-stretch. Throughout the summer of 2017, several pairs have been daily tested by guides fishing in rocky rivers, windy saltwater coastal conditions and cold mountain streams. The feedback is astonishing. Anglers said that they never felt more free.


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