Fly Fishing the Ribnik


092.JPG"A couple of days ago, Michael Pedersen and I managed a trip to the Ribnik river in Bosnia. This amazing river is full of big grayling and beautiful brown trout, all fish naturally spawned and nothing is stocked.

We hit it at the right time, and though it was a bit crowded with anglers, we found a magical 50 meter stretch and had a great 4 hours of fishing. There were so many huge grayling in the area and Michael`s first fish was a stunner that was pushing 55 cm in length.

We dead drifted extremely small nymphs given to us by our awesome guide and good friend Ado Jeginović.
These were tied on size 22 and 24 hooks and tied on 0,12 mm tippets. Incredibly small but extremely effective! Also at one point the dryfly action become non-stop, and we fished small, grey CDC dryflies, also tied on size 20 hooks...

137.JPGThen it was time to persue River Ribnik`s huge brown trout. Ado showed us an extremely effective streamer dead drift technique. The concept is that the big fish are pressured, and very clever, so standard streamer action is something they know.

When a 15 cm white streamer drifts by it reminds them of fish- and food remains that get into the river from a nearby fish farm and several restaurants along the bank.

At one point Michael watched from the bridge as a huge 5-8 kilo fish took my streamer and spit it out...

We managed to get a few of these fish on,but we landed none! Guess we need to go back as soon as possible....!"

-Dalien Vignjevic


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