Dry Fly Action for Chub and Asp


asp_web.jpgDalien Vignjevic, our Croation Scierra consultant, loves to fly fish for all sorts. When trout fishing is slow, he therefore targets asp and chub on the fly:

"One of the advantages of living close to the River Sava is fishing for super lowland species like asp and chub.

These fish are premiere fly fishing targets because they grow quite big and are willing to eat things off the surface.

A simple gurgler streamer will trick both species into striking, but chub is more of a surface bug picker in the slack waters, while asp are silver rockets that chase minnows in the current.

I had a marvelous day drifting with my buddy catching chub on a dryfly-type gurgler made out of foam, and catching asp by waking the same fly on the surface.

My Surge #5 and Traxion 3 reel are perfect for percisely casting and fighting these strong fish!

I love this game of fly fishing!"



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