Bushwhacking for Rainbows


088.JPGFrom Dalien we have a beauty rainbow from Vitunjcica river in Croatia.....

"I had a wonderful day today fishing the Vitunjcica river near Ogulin in Croatia. This river is famous for it`s huge rainbows that stay protected in heavy brush along the shoreline all year long. But in March, the big girls are out feeding and therefore become catchable. The best flies are huge caddis nymph imitation presented near the bottom and in the warmest part of the day huge stonefly and sedge dryflies. To land these big fish in close quarters you need to have the right gear.

My outfit consisted of a Scierra Brook 9` #6 rod which is a great casting rod with a lot of backbone to put strain on big fish. Also, I used the Orbit reel which has a nice drag.

I used 0,18-0,22mm Nylon tippets for the job and had a really nice day with several fish pushing 60 cm - plus I broke off one that could have exceeded 70 cm...


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