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Mathias-Slovenia-2011-3.jpgThis year’s Scierra presale opening will take place in Slovenia in August and I’m already feeling like a little boy on his way to the candy store. The reason is simply that I’ve been there before!

Five years ago I was contacted by the Slovenian Olympic Committee and the guy on the phone asked if it was possible for me to do a clinic about something as prosaic as “Functional Stability Training for Top Athletes”. It was possible, but this story is nothing but a side track to the main story.

On two previous occasions I’d had the pleasure of fishing different Slovenian rivers and I was hopelessly drawn to the “same, but different” kind of fishing they had to offer.

The rivers were just as gin clear as their English relatives, but offered better weather, a wider set of possibilities and more species to fish for.

They have brows and rainbows, but the grayling is clearly different from our “grey ones” and then, of course, they have something even more unique and different: Slovenia is in the middle of the genetic and the geographical origin of the Marmorata trout.

The Slovenians organized for a well-known fly fishing guide to pick me up at the hotel an early morning in May and Damjan Ahačič turned out to be worth the praise. I saw no reason for Damjan to rein in his obvious and incurable fishing fever, so we fished the day together. History will show that the man fishing on home ground caught all the really big fish, while I took care of the smaller multitudes.

IMG_7364.jpgThe pictures of the trophy fish we caught (or to be precise; that Damjan caught), is a rainbow well over three kilos and a native marmorata of more than two, while the two other pictures show the author’s epic fight against a slightly smaller rainbow (actually considerably smaller, but I choose not to talk about it).

This August I’ll be back together with a bunch of shop representatives for the most spectacular presale in the history of Scierra. I think we’ll have a good time!

Tight lines!
Mathias Lilleheim


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