New Release
Fin Chasers Magazine #4

The new edition of Fin Chasers Magazine - Europe's leading online fly fishing magazine - is now up. Enjoy the reading. It's free for all.

New Scierra Catalog

The new Scierra product catalog for 2014 is now online. Check out the many news for next year's season.

X-Mas Trout Fishing

The trout season is closed in Croatia. But during Christmas there was an open-day on the Gacka river, where people from near and far could get a little trout-fix.

Fin Chasers Magazine
The New Edition Is Now Online

The December issue of Fin Chasers Magazine is now online - full of spectacular fly fishing journalism and photography. Enjoy!

New Products Under Way
The Scierra CC6 X-Tech Waders

If you're in the market for a new pair of superb quality breathable waders, be sure to check out the new Scierra CC6 X-Tech waders out.

Fly Fishing for Sea Trout

Denmark boasts some of the world's best coastal fishing for sea trout, and Rune Westphal - our Danish consultant, is obsesses with targeting these beautiful, chrome fish.


A Year of High Water

The water levels in Croatian rivers have been record high this year - due to massive downpours. The fishing, understandably enough, has been very tricky!

United Kingdom
The Scierra Stillwater Team Rocks

Recently, our UK stillwater consultants, Russ Owen and Phil Dixon, have been busy proving why they are still the top reservoir fishermen in Europe.

FCM Fall Issue Online

With contributions from Matt Harris, Rob Scott, Rebekka Redd, Stephan Gian Dombaj, Rasmus Ovesen and many, many more you'll get your dose of entertainment, when reading the new issue of Fin Chasers Magazine.

Mathias Lilleheim Joins Scierra

Norwegian fly casting champion on product development expert, Mathias Lilleheim, has joined Scierra as Head of Development.

United Kingdom
Nightime Sea Trout Fishing

Nothing beats night fishing for sea trout. And our UK consultant, Phil Dixon, will testament to that after having visited the River Towy this weekend.

Fin Chasers Magazine
The Summer Edition Is Online

Get your dose of spectacular fly fishing photography and journalism now. The latest edition of the free online fly fishing magazine, Fin Chasers, is now online...

It's Time for Nymph Fishing

As the season progresses, nymph fishing become the key to catching those finicky trout. Here's Zdravko Savor's thoughts on the subject.

A Guide Tracking His Trails

Fin Chasers Magazine - the free online fly fishing magazine, features a lot of great articles by some of the world's best fly fishing journalists and photographers. '320 Days' - an article by South African guide Jako Lucas - is featured in the latest edition.

Season Update

Our Croatian consultant, Zdracko Savor, gives you the latest info about the state of the fishing in Croatia.

Another Cacka Report

The brown trout fishing on the Croatian river, Gacka, is legendary, but the fish aren't always easy to catch - especially not on hot summer days. Here, Dalien gives you some pointers that might help.

Phil Dixon Represents England

Our UK Scierra consultant, Phil Dixon, recently represented England at the World Fly Fishing Champtionships. He and England did beautifully!

Weighted Streamer Fishing

When fishing a new river in his homeland Slovenia, Jure Ramovz encountered challenging conditions with ice-cold and silty water. He tackled the challenge brilliantly, however.

Fly Fishing for Chub

As fly fishermen, we tend to get hung up on trout and salmon, but there are so many great species to target out there. The chub is one of them, and they can be thoroughly entertaining on light fly fishing gear and dry flies.

United Kingdom
Chrome Lake Brown Trout

Phil Dixon, our UK Scierra consultant, has been out fishing the Rutland Reservoir and with great results. While there, he also did a cool feature video for Sky Sports.

Trout Fishing on the River Gacka

Zdravko Savor has sent us yet another great report from the Gacka River in Croatia. Here, he has been targeting the world famous Gacka brown trout that are known for their rapid growth rates.

Another 5kg+ Sea Trout

Scierra consultant, Rune Westphal, has done it again - caught one of those trophy chromers on the open coasts. He did so, while testing a new sandeel pattern.

River Ribnik

There are many beautiful rivers in the Balkan region but on of the most beautiful and serene is the River Ribnik. Read more about it here.

Stalking for Rainbow Trout

Dalien Vignjevic has been at it again. This time, he visited the Vitunjcica River - and although he was in for some real challenges, he managed a beautiful fish!

Fin Chasers Magazine - March

A new edition of free online magazine Fin Chasers Magazine is now online. It once again features the work of our Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic.

TX1 and Stonefly Review

The talented guys at www.saltflue.com have tested and reviewed our TX1 reel and Stonefly rod. Not surprisingly they were very positive.

Seasonal Opener

Our Croatian Scierra consultant, Zdracko Savor, has been out targeting rainbow trout now that the season in the Balkan region has finally opened.

Front Cover for Rune Westphal

Rune Westphal, our Danish Scierra consultant, is on the cover of this month's edition of Sportsfiskeren - Denmark biggest fishing magazine.

Cold Sea Trout

Winter sea trout fishing can be tricky. One day the fish go berserk, the next they are finicky and weary. Here's the latest from Danish seatrout expert, Rune Westphal who fishes his local Sealand coastal shores.

Scierra Pairs Competition

An exciting new fly-fishing competition with Scierra as the main sponsor, starts in Spring 2014.

Dry Fly Fishing for Grayling

Here's yet another report from Scierra consultant. He recently visited the beautiful mountain river, Kupa, in search for some dry fly action.

Thingvallavatn River / iceland
Amazing Icelandic Seatrout

Danish fly fisherman and guide, Nils Jorgensen, who is currently residing in Iceland has had some extremely good fishing for brown trout lately. He has fished the minute Thingvallavatn River, and he has managed some real lunker browns. His latest trip resulted in three massive fish with the last one being really sensational. The fish were 2.5, 3.5 and 8.2 kilos!!! For more info, visit www.ranga.dk 

Nils is on a roll

Here we go again. Nils Jorgensen has done the impossible again and managed a sensational brace of brown trout with the biggest ones weighing in at a staggering; 8,1 - 5,0 - 3,8 - 2,2 - 1,5 kilos. The river was a challenging one which rarely yields many big fish, but this day Nils really cracked the code. The fly used was the Smell of Ron, and the 8.1 kilo fish is the biggest taken from the river in years. For more info, please visit www.ranga.dk 

Noirétable Fly Fishing Lake
Noiretable Rainbow Trout

Here's a beautiful rainbow trout caught by our French consultant, Damien Firoud, on the Noirétable Fly Fishing Lake.
'I caught this fish while fishing with the HMTv2 intermediary line number 8. I fished with a leader in 16 and I recovered slowly three flies (two buzzers and one bobby). The Scierra A.N.T 9’5 line 8 is amazing; it amortized all the rush of the strong fish even when you’ve got a small leader'.

Fly tying
RPO Craft Streamer

RPO Craft Streamer is a real 'big fish fly'. It has a lot of volume and it is extremely lively in the water - not least due to its long tail, which is mounted with a small stinger hook for improved hook-up rates. 

Fly Tying
Cutthroat Gobius

THE CUTTHROAT GOBIUS is a well-proven and effective pattern for sea-run brown trout, but in general it is a great all-round streamer pattern that works wonders in both stillwater and rivers. It has a voluminous silhouet, a good sparkle in the water, and it pulsates nicely when retrived with fairly long and abrupt retrieves. 

River Stjordal offer

We have an amazing opportunity for you.
The place we (Scierra) rent for product testing every summer has 2 weeks vacant this upcoming summer. 

Fly Tying
The RPO 3D Palaemon

The RPO 3D Palaemon is a great sea-run brown trout pattern that also doubles as a phenomenal brackish perch fly. Tie a few for the upcoming season - it's dead-easy!

Fly Tying
Cutthroat Cat Bugger

The Cutthroat Cat Bugger is a great fly for seatrout and other predatory fish with its pulsating body and voluminous profile. It has a built-in attractor point - the head, which is made out of bright red Firestar Dubbing - and it is really easy to tie.

New grayling champion

Phil Dixon has just fished the Severn Trent region England Rivers qualifier on the Welsh Dee this weekend and won the event. He did great despite difficult condition, and he won with a comfortable margin.


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