laxa in Adaldal / iceland
Massive 111cm Icelandic salmon for Lars Svendsen


Lars Svendsen has just returned triumphantly from Iceland after a three days of salmon fishing in Laxa in Adaldal (Big Laxa) testing the new Scierra Chrome fly rod and TX2+ reel. Lars and his son Henrik managed several lovely salmon and a couple of fat sea trout, and Lars finished off by catching a sensational salmon - Iceland's biggest this season! 

Winter Sea Trout Fishing
From Rune Westphal, we have the following report: 'At last the weather had changed, after 2 weeks with heavy frost and a lot snow, the temperatures had risen to 4-5 degrees Celsius. The snow had changed to rain and the ice that had covered ...
Stillwater rainbows

Italian fly fisherman, Marco Giudici, has just visited the UK in pursuit of some stillwater rainbow trouts. He visited a couple of reservoirs and managed some extremely good results using a Scierra Fly Lite V2 9' #4 rod, an HMT V2 floating line, 0,14mm fluorocarbon and some minute chironomid patterns.

Rainbow trout fishing

Žiga Tomši? was out testing his A.N.T rod and TX2 reel on some super strong Slovenian rainbows lately.

UL Fishing for Brook Trout

Few people know this, but the Southern regions of Norway hold natural reproductive populations of brook trout. Rasmus Ovesen spent a couple of hours on a small stream in Southern Norway sight-fishing for these fish.

Seasonal Opening

The trout fishing season has just opened in the Balkan region, and our Croatian consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, was on the spot in search for some wild rainbow trout.

New Release
Fin Chasers Magazine #4

The new edition of Fin Chasers Magazine - Europe's leading online fly fishing magazine - is now up. Enjoy the reading. It's free for all.

Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout

Denmark has experienced some massive leaks of rainbow trout, and they provide great fun for the coastal fly fisher.

Croatian Trout Fishing

Spring has finally arrived and our Croatian trout expert, Dalien Vignjevic, has been out fly fishing some of his local rivers in search for browns and rainbows.

Arctic Fly Fishing

Here's a quick report from Northern Sweden by Petter from TopWaterFishing.se.

Stalking Stillwater Browns

Marco Giudici is an expert at targeting stillwater trout, and he recently went out testing the new Scierra SRX rod on one of his local mountain lakes.

Reservoir Trout Fishing

Scierra Consultant, Russell Owen, went fishing in Wales the other day in an attempt to catch a big trout. He succeeded beautifully. 

Spring Sea Trout Fishing

Sometimes magic happens on the coast while chasing sea trout. Our Scierra guide, Rune Westphal, recently had one of those days where the fish just kept hitting the flies again and again and again...

Noirétable Fly Fishing Lake
Noiretable Rainbow Trout

Here's a beautiful rainbow trout caught by our French consultant, Damien Firoud, on the Noirétable Fly Fishing Lake.
'I caught this fish while fishing with the HMTv2 intermediary line number 8. I fished with a leader in 16 and I recovered slowly three flies (two buzzers and one bobby). The Scierra A.N.T 9’5 line 8 is amazing; it amortized all the rush of the strong fish even when you’ve got a small leader'.

Stalking for Rainbow Trout

Dalien Vignjevic has been at it again. This time, he visited the Vitunjcica River - and although he was in for some real challenges, he managed a beautiful fish!

Fooling Finicky Trout

When the water is flat and temperatures freezing cold, the sea trout can be extremely finicky. Our Scierra consultant, Rune Westphal, has some tips for exactly those circumstances.

Fly Fishing for Forgetful Fish

Zdravko has sent us a blog entry about fly fishing for forgetful fish on the Vitrunjcica River in Croatia. It also includes a very nice video from the river.

Stealth Fishing for Rainbows

Our Croatian Scierra consultant has been at it again. This time, he went out for big rainbow trout on a small and secluded river with lots of nasty snags, branches and brushes.

IGFA Award for Scierra

Scierra has just won the IGFA Second place for being the manufacturer of the second most world record producing fly gear in 2012.

Harsh Winter Sea Trout Fishing

Winter sea trout fishing isn't for anyone. But even though Rune Westphal had just gotten back from the warmth of the Phillipines, he could resist heading out into the freezing cold searching for Danish sea trout.

Animated Knots
Learn how to tie better knots

Here's a great tip on how you can expand your knot-repertoire with some easily learned knots that will improve your fishing. 

Fin Chasers Magazine #2 is now online


The new edition of Fin Chasers Magazine is now online with contributions from our Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic.

Slovenian Marble Trout

Slovenian guide, Jure Ramovz, knows where the big marble trout hold. And while fishing the other day, he managed another beauty on the fly.

Fly Tying
The RPO Easy Shrimp

Here is some more fly tying inspiration. This one is the RPO Easy Shrimp which is a killer pattern for saltwater species like sea trout, sea bass, and garfish.

Fly Tying
RPO Shimmer Shrimp

The RPO Shimmer Shrimp is designed to imitate the fairly transparent and shimmering shrimp that leave the safety of the aquatic growth along the bottom to hunt (and be hunted) in the open water masses. 

More Free Fly Fishing Reading

The latest edition of the Free online fly fishing magazine - Fin Chasers Magazine - is now online featuring contributions from some of our Scierra consultants.

Fishing for Salmon

Henrik Svendsen recently visited the famous Laxa in Adaldal River in Iceland, and despite extreme and freezing cold weather conditions, he managed to land some impressive fish.

Fly Fishing for Pike

Robert Peetz, Scierra product manager, is a keen pike fly fisherman, and yesterday he went out on his local lake to search for some big predators.

Fly Fishing for Barbel

Fly fishing for lowland cyprinid species can be a super cool alternative, when the temperatures rise dramatically during Summer. The barbel is one of these fish, and it is a keen fighter and a tough challenge.

Testing the New SRX Rod

Scierra consultant, Marco Giudici has been testing the new Scierra SRX rod for reservoir rainbow trout lately, and he has enjoyed some hectic action. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brown Trout Fishing

Our Croatian consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, has been on the road again. This time he visited the beautiful Ribnik River in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

More Free Fly Fishing Reading

The latest edition of the Free online fly fishing magazine - Fin Chasers Magazine - is now online featuring contributions from some of our Scierra consultants.

Russ Owen's Chew trip

Our UK Consultant Russ Owen has been out and about doing some late season fishing: “This weekend, I ventured out onto Chew Valley reservoir near Bristol as I had heard that although the annual pike trials were under way that there were still some good trout fishing to be had".

The Magic Shrimp Does it again

The Magic Shrimp is a super-effective fly, and this weekend it did its dirty tricks once again. A nice fatty sea trout was the result. 

Grayling Fishing

Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, gives you some tips on how to fly fish for finicky late summer and early fall grayling. 

Time for tying flies

Winter time is time for tying flies and replenishing your fly boxes. Our Slovenian Scierra consultant, Jure Ramovz, is busy at the moment tying caddis flies.

Salmon friends unite

Orri Vigfusson has started his yearly fundraising campaign to help the atlantic salmon. Check the full story, and consider making your own contribution.

Rainbows on hoppers

Here is Marco with yet another rainbow trout taken during his trip to the UK. This one fell for at Parahopper pattern fished on a long and thin leader.

Fall Seatrout Fishing

Rune Westphal visited the local fjord the other day in pursuit of seatrout, and once again his timing proved to be impeccable. Rune arrived at the reef he wanted to fish half an hour before the tidal currents shifted, and before long he was into his first sea trout.

Tara River in Montenegro
Tara Expedition

Scierra product developer, Robert Peetz, and Scierra consultant Dalien Vignjevic joined a crew of hard core fishermen for a trip to the Tara River in Montenegro to test some of the incredible new Scierra rods that have recently been developed.

Rainbow stalking

Our Slovenian Scierra consultant, Jure Ramovz has been busy guiding lately - and with great results. Last weekend, he guided Danish fly fisherman Henrik Marvin, and the two explored some streams and lakes in search for massive rainbow trouts.

Reservoir fishing

Another great report from our Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic:

Here is a beautiful lake/brown trout caught from my first belly boat session on one of the river Sava impoundments. It was a challenge fishing with a sinking line...

Finding Seatrout Among Garfish

Rune Westphal knows how to find sea trout - even when the coasts are teeming with garfish, like they are now. Timing is of the essence, and especially night and early morning fishing is effective.


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