vejle river / denmark
Seatrout on the Scierra Zonker

Scierra consultant Ronny Lagoni Thomsen had his first night trip to Vejle River yesterday. It was cold and the conditions were tough concidering that the runners from the sea are still scarce in the stream.

Jutland / Denmark
Summer seatrout fishing

Scierra consultant, Rasmus Ovesen, went fishing with Brian Kristoffersen this weekend in one of the many fjords in Jutland. The conditions were tough with warm water temperatures, stained water and weary fish, but the duo managed a handful of solid sea trout nonetheless.

Rainbow stalking

Our Slovenian Scierra consultant, Jure Ramovz has been busy guiding lately - and with great results. Last weekend, he guided Danish fly fisherman Henrik Marvin, and the two explored some streams and lakes in search for massive rainbow trouts.

Reservoir fishing

Another great report from our Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic:

Here is a beautiful lake/brown trout caught from my first belly boat session on one of the river Sava impoundments. It was a challenge fishing with a sinking line...

United Kingdom
Pike fly fishing

Russel Owen spent the day in North Wales today at Trawsfynydd lake in Snowdonia preparing for a national eliminator on Sunday. Weather was atrocious so a great day to test out my new Kenai wading jacket and CC6 breathable waders.

Fly fishing for salmon

17 year old Henrik Svendsen from Denmark had three good days of flyfishing on the Icelandic river Laxa in Adaldal. He fished the famous Ædalfoss and the seapools below – probably some of the most spectacular and scenic salmon pools in Europe.

Seatrout on the Magic UV Shrimp

Rune Westphal, who is an exceptionally talented fly tyer has been busy lately testing his new Magic UV Shrimp, and not surprisingly, the results have been quite impressive.

The Magic UV Shrimp

Rune Westphal is a wizard at tying realistic shrimp patterns, and the sea-run brown trout find them absolutely irresistable. Here is an introduction to the Magic UV Shrimp, a pattern that is perfect for the coming season.

United Kingdom
Russ Owen's Grafham visit

This weekend Russ Owen travelled down to Grafham Water - one of the finest trout fisheries in Europe to try and tempt some of the shrimp feeders.

Giant UK Rainbow Trout

Here is the fish that Marco Giudici has dreamed of all his life. His holiday in the UK was slowly coming to an end, but he just wanted to do another handful of casts before packing things up. The take came out of nowhere, and 40 minutes later, a real beast of a fish came to the net. 

The Devil Mysis

Rune Westphal went out for seatrout again a few days ago on a windy day with low water. He opted for his ANT #6 fly rod, and despite the rowdy winds, he could manage to cast and fish two flies - a shrimp pattern and a mysis pattern (Djævlemysisen).

Another Slovenian marble trout

Here is another beautiful marble trout caught by Slovenian fly fishing expert Žiga Tomši? on a trip, him and Dalien Vignjevic went on together some time ago. It was caught using a large streamer, and it put maximum pressure on the Scierra FlyLite rod.

Massive brown trout for Jure

Check out this massive wild brown trout caught by our Slovenian Scierra consultant, Jure Ramovz. The fish, he lost last week, was a bit bigger than he initiallyhad guessed - it was a whopping 75cm.


United Kingdom
Salmon fishing with Phil Dixon

Here's a fresh report from our UK Scierra consultant, Phil Dixon.

'Fishing for only 5 minutes and me still showing Steve where to cast and what to do, the rod was nearly wrenched out of my hand.... I couldn't believe it - i was hooked to a m

Late summer salmon fishing

Here's Nils Jorgensen with yet another Icelandic salmon. The season in Iceland has been relatively poor this year despite optimal water conditions, and most rivers haven't received the massive runs they are used to.


Massive salmon from Lakselv

Massive salmon from LakselvCheck out this massive salmon caught by Danish fly fisherman Jesper Christensen in Lakselv - it measured a staggering 122cm, and since it was released it wasn't weighed.

New consultant
Russel Owen joins Scierra

This article details Rasmus’ 2008 trip to the Eastern corner of British Columbia in search for the brutal and wary bull trout – a truly exhilarating journey.

New consultant
Please welcome, Jure Ramovz

Please welcome our new Scierra consultant, Jure Ramovz. Jure works as a guide in Slovenia, and he has more than 20 years of experience as a fly fisherman. With rivers such as the Soca, Sava, Baca, Unica, and Krka within close reach, Jure is an expert trout and grayling fisherman. Ahead of the 2012 World Fly Fishing Championship in Slovenia, the Japanese team has asked for his assistance, and Jure is now busy guiding them on some of the technically challenging mountain streams in the Northern part of the country.

Croatian trout are pretty

From our Croatian Scierra consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, we have the following:
The trout season is well on the way here. When the water levels are up and the water is stained, streamers are a must. White, black and purple will usually get ...the job done. I used a FlyLite #6 rod for casting the 3 gr tungsten head white streamer for the whole day. The exit from a deep pool was the spot this beauty used as a feeding spot....not a giant one, but certainly one of the most beautiful fish I ever caught.

Here at Scierra - WeFlyfish

Scierra consultants, Martin Ejler Olsen and Rasmus Ovesen, are keen tropical fishermen, and on their website www.weflyfish.dk, you can find some of their latest articles from around the world – including Belize, where the two globetrotting fly fishermen caught and released some impressive permit in the 25lb range.  


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