A guide on finding the perfect pair of waders
What are waders?

The waders main function is to keep you dry and comfortable during a whole day of fishing, but what should you choose? It is a jungle of models, materials and sizes. Read here how you pick the perfect pair.

What dreams are made of
From idea to revolutionary product – Scierra X-Stretch
Crazy dayout fishing with Daniel
Super stealth approach saves the Gacka day
SRX V2 - Review by Trout Fisherman Magazin
SRX V2 rod series review
Great Review - make sure to read all about it !
C&R Wading Jacket Review by Trout Fisherman Magazin
Video By Andreas Aggerlund
The Three Musketeers

There are three crucial components in fly casting: Fly line, fly rod and human being. Fly casting and fly fishing would be impossible if one of these ingredients were missing from the equation.

Article by Daniel Vignjevic
Gacka River - WE love it!

A few days ago I went with my buddy Luka Simunjak  for another Gacka river trip...

The water level was high and  rising over the course of day, so the fishing was tough, a lot tougher than we expected!

Gacka river opening

Hi guys, finally the trout season kicked off here. I went to fish the famous Gacka river on the opening day and had a great time fishing mostly for rainbows  The water was a bit high, so usually this time of year small streamers on sinking tippets work best, but I decided to go against the grain - very wrong!

Trout Opening Season

I've been dreaming about Trout opening season since season got closed.

Ribnik was our destination and our friend Ado who is a professional guiding master was waiting for us there. Trout was our primary target and I decided to take a chance with my favorite Sierra Brook #5 8ft., a nice rod for smaller rivers like Ribnik. Casting with Brook under branches was fun and and we have had a nice time playing with small browns. 

Article by Mathias Lilleheim
Slovenian Graylings are not Grey

Slovenian graylings are not grey. Their almost golden scales will light up even the darkest of days and size doesn’t always matter when beauties like these are lifted to waiting cameras. Today, I was hunting Slovenian gold and there was even something golden about the day, the weather and my state of mind………..

Article by Mathias Lilleheim
Rainbows from Hell

Scierra Brook meets rainbows from Hell - "Another day dawned, inconspicuously like its recent predecessors, but I woke up with a strange feeling of muted elation, even though my brain could find no evidence to back up this state of mind. The ever present night fog was slowly dissipating as I rose from bed to take a welcoming shower before breakfast..."

New Catalogue
2017 Scierra Catalogue

The 2017 Scierra Catalogue is now available  - check this out!

Micro Nymphing for Trout

Dalien Vignjevic has written a great article about how down-sizing can produce great results in pressured and/or warm/clear water.

Fly Fishing for Asp and Chub

Fly fishing is all about exploring new possibilities, and Dalien Vignjevic is a good example of that. He recently set out to fly fish for chub and asp, and the results were quite exhilerating.

New Edition Out
Fin Chasers Magazine Is Online

There's a new edition of Fin Chasers Magazine out - the coolest fly fishing magazine out there. And it is still completely free for everyone to read. Enjoy!

Urban Zurbi Comes in Second

The Slovenian Fly Fishing Championships have just been held, and our Slovenian consultant, Urban Zurbi, did extremely well - coming in second in the overall rankings.

Anita Wins Again, Again!

The World Fly Casting Championships have just been held in Slovenia, and our very own, Anita M Strand, just did it again. She won another 3 gold medals and a silver.

Go Small or Go Home

Dalien Vignjevic is currently visiting Slovenia, and he has found out that the only way of producing a strike is to downsize. Read more about it here...

The Ribnik
Grayling Bonanza

When Michael Pedersen and Dalien Vignjevic recently targeted the Ribnik River in Bosnia and Herzegovina they got more than they bargained for.

Double-handed Fly Casting
Preview of Our New Spey Rod

Modern double hand fly rods are designed for spey casting. At Scierra, we design them for Scandinavian style shooting heads, but excellent spey rods will handle all kinds of fly lines and, in all modesty, we design excellent fly rods.

Barbel on the Fly

Ever tried catching barbel on the fly? Our Croatian consultant, Dalien Vignjevic has, and here's the latest from local river...

Pre-sale Meetings

This year’s Scierra presale opening will take place in Slovenia in August and Mathias Lilleheim is already feeling like a little boy on his way to the candy store. The reason is simply that he's been there before!

Fin Chasers Magazine:
The June Edition Is Now Online

Here's more spectacular fly fishing journalism and photography for you: The new edition of Fin Chasers Magazine is now online. Enjoy!

Lough Sheelin
Where Dreams Are Made

Our UK consultant, Bradley Chalmers, has visited the beautiful Lough Sheelin in pursuit of wild trout. Here's how it all went...

Chasing Silver

Bjørn Knutslid recently came back from Gotland where he targeted sea-run brown trout. He ran into a series of beautiful chromers, and one of them was a real lunker.

Mathias Lilleheim
The Secrets of Efficient Fly Casting

In this article, Mathias Lilleheim delves even further into the secrets of efficient fly casting. Plenty of pointers and tips here to further develop and refine your casting style.

The SRX V2
Check out the new video

In our most recent film, Mathias Lilleheim presents the new Scierra SRX V2 fly rods, which have been sesigned for coastal and stillwater trout fishing.

Dalien's Sweet Revenge

A couple of weeks ago our Croatian consultant lost a massive fish on the Vitunjcica River. Now he's finally had his revenge...

Comeptition Casting
Winners - Mathias and Bjørn

During the Edge Fly Casting Competition at Sportsfiskemässan in Sweden, Mathias and Bjørn took home several prizes.

Bushwhacking for Rainbows

The trout season is into gear in Croatia, and our local consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, has been out fishing the extremely overgrown and challenging Vitunjcica River for big rainbow trout.

Scierra Pairs
New Sponsor - Lenz Optics

This year, Scierra Pairs has a new sponsor - Lenz Optics, producers of the highest quality handmade ZEISS-fitted polaroid sunglasses.

Scierra Pairs 2016

Are you ready for another round of reservoir competition fly fishing? If you are, here's the program for this year's Scierra Pairs competition.

New Catalog:
The 2016 Product Catalog - Online

Scierra’s extensive 2016 range is now online. The 2016 range features everything from rods, reels, and lines to clothing, apparel, bags, luggage, nets and accessories.

Spey Casting Advice
The Art of Spey Casting - Pt.III

In the third part of Mathias Lilleheim's instructional spey casting chronicles, he goes further into depth with the mechanics of a good spey cast - how to lift, accelerate and intiate the forward motion.

Provider Fly Lines
Long Bellies - Long Casts

The Provider fly lines are long belly fly lines designed for long casts. Read more about why Mathias Lilleheim has designed these lines, and in which arenas they excel.

Busting Myths
Prolonged Shooting Heads

Mathias Lilleheim and Knut Ekelund have designed a range of Prolonged shooting heads. They are ready to bust some myths and help you cast further with less use of energy.


Speycasting - Continued
Spey Casting 'Pecking Order'

In this article, Mathias Lilleheim goes further into depth with how the perfect speycast is performed. Some great pointers and advice on how you can work on perfecting yours...

The Art of Drawing a Spey Cast

In this article, Mathias Lilleheim let's you in on the art of drawing and perfecting a spey cast. There's some great advice and tips on how to practice and improve your spey casting.


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