We have given you the best of two worlds: Combining fly fishing nostalgia, represented by the deep actions of old times, with the efficiency and speed of today’s materials has resulted in a unique fly rod series we have named “SYMBIOSIS”. Fusing modern longitudinal S2 glass fiber material with equally modern carbon has enabled us to present 5 fantastic fly rods with beautifully deep Flex Profiles that, because of the carbon, are fast enough to embody the literal meaning of the first five words of this little chapter: “The BEST of two worlds”.

Rod Action:  Flex profile 1/1   |   Medium/Slow recovery times - Smooth and unbroken bending curves

• Deep Flex Profiles
• Medium/slow recovery times and smooth bending curves
• Built on S2 longitudinal glass fibers combined with 30T Japanese carbon material
• High quality Portuguese cork
• Real peacock wooden reel seat |
• Pacific bay light weight stripping and snake guides
• Supplied in cloth bag
• Quality cordura tube with shoulder strap and carry handle.


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