The Scierra net range has been developed with an uncompromising attention to materials and components. The nets make good use of specially designed triangle aluminum frames for higher strength and a Shake’n Dry mesh that allows you to dry the net in one single swoop.

Trout Net
•    Shake and dry mesh
•    Ergonomic non-slip handle

Small: (30x25cm - 25cm deep)
Size Medium: (30x40cm - 40cm deep) 
Size Large: (38x50cm - 55cm deep)

Costal Net
•    Shake and dry mesh
•    Japanese EVA handle
•    Floating
Size: (48x60cm - 70cm deep)

Catch & Release Net M + L
• Shake and dry mesh
• 55cm quality elastic cord, w/carbine lock
• Full welsh cork handles

Size M: 40x32x40cm deep
Size L: 50x38x50cm deep

Salmon Folding Net
The Scierra Salmon Folding Net is part of the net programme to ensure a professional Catch and Release option for the bigger, full-grown specimens.

• Foldable 65x70cm net head
• Handle: 88cm
• Detachable and Adjustable shoulder rim
• Aluminum net head and frame
• Net made from rubber mesh
• Reinforced net block


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