Fly Boxes

The Scierra Stack’em series is a range of fly boxes that appeal to the fly fisher who appreciates great overview and order in his fly box.

   Slit foam       Pre-cut foam      Flat foam


Stack'Em Salmon
Precut Foam (19x10x3cm)

Stack'Em Coastal
Pre-cut flat foam (15x8x2,1cm)

Flat Stack'Em Nymph - M
Pre-cut flat foam (12,7x10x1,3cm)

Stack'Em 5-Comp Tube
5 Compartments (15x8x2,1cm)

Stack'Em 6 Comp Dry Fly
6 compartments (15x8x2,1cm)

Flat Stack'Em Nymph - S
Pre-cut flat foam (11x7x1,3cm)

Stack'Em 3-Comp Tube
3 compartments (15x8x2,1cm)

Stack'Em Reservoir
Slit foam (31x22,5x2,3cm)


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