Scierra is proud to offer a series of accessories that help to simplify the everyday life of the fly fisherman. We are confident you will enjoy your fishing more if you use these accessories! All ingredients used are 100% biodegradable and completely harmless.

Line Speed
This is the ultimate modern, totally non-grease fly line conditioner. Use this and your old fly line will get a new lease of life, with improved shooting ability. Line Speed applied to the fly line will often help you cast an extra 4 to 6 metres. 

Fly Restore
After a good day’s fishing, your flies will often be wet and dishevelled. Using Fly-Restore will clean your flies and absorb all the liquid soaked into them, including fish slime. It will also get any dirt out of your fly. All you need to do is put your fly in the bottle and shake carefully.

Pin-On Retractor
Medium or large.


Wading Stick
This foldable wading stick is made in stainless steel and comes equipped with a comfortable grip. It’s supplied in a neoprene bag with a loop for belt attachment. The powerful centre elastic pulls the stick together fast after it is drawn from the pouch.  

Head Lamp
This powerful LED headlamp will be your frend in the dark, it allows you to adjust the beam from a wide working space to a long range cone. only by pulling the adjustable barrel. The lamp use only 1pc AAA batterie, not included.

Dry Gel
For dry-fly fishing in more extreme circumstances, this floating gel is ideal. It’s more rugged and can be applied at home in order to keep your flies floating most of the day.

Leader Sink
Pull your tippet through the Leader Sink in order to remove all the grease that causes your leader to easily break through the surface of the water.


Magnetic Clip
Powerful magnetic clip for easy access to landingnet on the back of fly vest´s and jackets.


Hit Man Priest
Bringing a fish to the table is one of the joys of fishing. The Scierra extendable pocket-sized priest is made of stainless steel including a practical wrist strap and is perfect for the job! Avaiable in both trout an salmon size.

High Ride
If you’re after an effective dry fly spray for quick and careful application when fishing, look no further than this.


Strike Putty
This is a mouldable bite indicator. The best way of describing it is to say it’s floating plasticine! Shape it around your leader when nymph fishing. Strike Putty comes in both yellow and orange.


Braided Loops
These loops come in white or fluorescent that will work as a strike indicator. Packet of 3 loops plus sleeves. Available in trout, salmon and indicator.

Seat Cover
The seats in your car won’t get wet if you use this exceptionally strong and 100% waterproof cover, which is produced in a flexible material to fit all makes of cars. The cover is extremely practical when driving between fishing locations in wet waders.


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